Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Gap Year Bucket List (the start of...)

Hey Guys,

So, as you know I'm currently in year 12 (or as they called it in my old school ' lower sixth') which means this time next year I will have around 3 months left of A levels! :) I'm still undecided about what exactly I want to do in the future but one thing I am sure about is that I would really like to take a gap year. Since this is only a year and 3 months away I decided that it would be good to make a 'Bucket List' of things I'd like to do and places I'd like to go on a gap year

    • I would really like to visit and explore America and Australia! I am lucky enough to have already been to Australia on a family holiday when I was younger. We visited Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. I loved it soo much and it has since been on my Gap Year Bucket List. I am also lucky enough to have been to America on a number of occasions, however I would love to go back and see more of it!

    • Spanish is a language that I love, I've been studying it since I was 11 but I'm still not the best at it ;) I'm 2 months away from my Spanish AS exam and am planning on studying it next year to A2. I would love to spend some time in some Spanish speaking countries to improve my Spanish :) (Spanish flag on the right to set the Spanish mood...;))

    • Summer Camp! Organisations such as Camp America are really popular with gap year students. This is something which I really love the look of but unfortunately, I'm too young to go on the first summer of my gap year :( so I'm not sure how it would work but still, its on my Bucket List!

    • I have previously visited Hawaii with my family but I was too young to have many memories of this holiday! This probably counts as part of my first point, but I'd love to go back to Hawaii as all I remember is loving it!

    • I really love meeting new people and visiting new places. Therefore, an important part of my Gap Year Bucket List is to make as many new friends as possible from as many different places around the world as I can!

    • If you follow me on Twitter (@theanongirl247) you'll know that I really have no idea on if I want to go to uni, what to do at uni if I do go or what career I would love to have. Therefore, an important part of my bucket list is to decide on all of these things and find something I'm really passionate about.

So my list is quite limited at the moment haha! I plan to add to it over the next year, especially as actual plans start to form aswell :) I'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or ideas :)
I'll blog each step of the way of forming my gap year plans so stay tuned!
Bye for now!
TAG xx

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