Thursday, 25 June 2015

Apple Watch Review

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Unboxing! :)
So a few weeks ago as I was coming to the end of my exams, after visiting my local apple store, I decided to treat myself to an Apple Watch!! At this point they were only available to buy online so I came home and purchased one! About 2 weeks later it arrived!! *Excited face* I got the Apple Watch Sport 38mm Space Gray :) But.... I did return it after about 9 or 10 days...:( Keep reading to find out my thoughts on the Apple watch and why I decided it wasn't for me..

  • The Watch... So ultimately the Apple Watch is a watch and I loved this part of it. Its great to be able to personalise to watch face to just how you would like it to be. 
  • Siri... A really cool feature of the watch is Siri, allowing you to tell your watch to do something without needing to touch it atall. Simply raise your wist, say 'Hey Siri...' and then whatever you want it to do..:) However, I found that this was really difficult to use and it was easier to activate Siri manually.
  • Text and Calls... One of the reasons that I bought an Apple Watch was for this feature. I always have my Iphone in my hand meaning that I also very frequently drop it. Therefore, getting and Apple Watch meant that I could put my phone in my bag and look at any texts or answer calls on the watch. However, when replying to texts on the watch you can either choose from a list of pre-prepared responses (such as 'I'll call you later!' or 'Sorry, I can't talk right now') or you can dictate a response. Even though this is a cool idea, for me it just didn't really work. I would rather just reply on my phone, typing the message than dictate it.
  • Health and Fitness... This feature was definitely my favourite part of the watch. An app appears on your Iphone as well as on your watch which is especially for fitness. It measures the amount of time you spend standing up, moving and exercising. You can set yourself goals for each day and you get 'achievement' awards for reaching goals such as reaching personal goals.
So, why did I return it? Even though there were many features that I loved, I decided that I couldn't really do much with it that I couldn't do on my Iphone. 
If any of you guys have tried one out, I'd love to know what you guys thought!

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