Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Summer is for blogging :)

Hey Guys!

Ahh I've been sooo terrible at uploading over the past few weeks. I thought that once I had finished exams, I would have lots more time to post, turns out I was wrong! At my college, in sixth form, once your AS exams have finished you have to continue going to school untill mid-July to start studying for next years exams! So I've been soo busy and stressed out, but today I finally finished for summer! Yey! I have lots of exciting posts planned so stay tuned :)
Also, Its only 9 days till my birthday! Im soo exciting and have booked my first driving lesson for my birthday! See keep an eye out for my learner driver posts :)

Bye for now!
TAG xx


  1. This post is great! I hope Your driving test goes well.

    - Ellie Xx

  2. This post was great and can't wait to read your future posts and good luck with you driving lesson :)

    - Ellie Xx