Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Clear skin issues!

Hey Guys!

During times of stress (mainly exams!) or when I'm feeling a bit run down, such as after having a cold, I find that my skin really breaks out. I'm quite lucky in that for the majority of the time, my skin is naturally quite clear. But of course, exams have just finished for another year and my skin is recovering from a bad break out with spots :(
A few months ago I headed into my local drugs store, on a mission to find something to moisturise and help my skin. I bought quite a few things but there is one particular product which I need to share with you!

Nivea daily essentials hydration primer (picture below)

  • This is available for 'normal' skin and dry/sensitive skin.
  • I use this everyday under my makeup. I love it because its also a primer and I have really noticed a difference in the length of time my makeup lasts.
  • I'm also using some other products but, as I use this daily, I have noticed that my skin LOVES it and is so much clearer.
  • I will probably keep using this even after my skin has cleared because I love how my skin feels with this on and its a much kinder way of priming my skin on a daily basis.
  • This was £4.99 from my local drugs store and I will definately be buying it again

Thanks for reading,
Bye for now!
TAG xx


  1. I have been wanting to try a new moisturiser And that one looks great! Brilliant blog post
    - Ellie Xx

    1. Thankyou so much! It's a great product, I love it 😊
      TAG xx