Saturday, 16 May 2015

I wish I knew this before Prom....

Hey Guys!

It's that time of year again... Exams! But that also means that Prom is on the horizon for people sitting their GCSE's this year. As you guys know I did mine last year, so also had my prom last year. It's safe to say that prom is truely AMAZING! Its such a lovely way to celebrate the end of horrible exams and your time at your school, especially if you aren't staying on for sixth form. But there are a few things I would tell myself if I were to go back to this time last year.. Before prom..:)

1- Dress! Yes, it's a big part of prom! But alot of people spend alot of time worrying about this part, especially about potentially having the same dress as someone else going to prom. Some people decide to buy their dress early to avoid any clashes. Honestly, it really isn't worth worrying about in my opinion! Its not very likely to happen that two people will come wearing exactly the same thing, and even if they did, people would care for about 30 seconds if they even noticed! Although if there are alot of girls worrying about this at your school, it might be an idea to set up a facebook page for everyone to post pictures of their dress on once they've bought it to avoid problems. We did this last year and it was great! But remember, dress shopping is the one of the highlights of prom so don't let this worry spoil it.

2- Arrival - to some people this is also an important part of prom. People at my prom turned up in Limos, tanks, golf buggies to name a few. But my friends and I all decided to just get dropped off and not have a fancy entrance. Either way, Prom will be an amazing night! So don't let this part stress you out too much either :)

3- A date! - another highlight of prom... Or is it?! Thinking about it not many people at my prom actually had prom dates, everyone just kind of went in their friendship groups. Although, the people who did have dates didn't really stick together much. There's so much to do and so many people to talk to that a date really only became part of the enterance for most people!

Thanks for reading! If you were worried about prom, I hope I've made that a bit better for you :) I hope you all have an amazing time :)

Bye for now!

TAG xx

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