Thursday, 28 May 2015

GCSE - How to revise stress-free

** I wrote this a few months ago but never posted it.. I just found it in drafts and thought it may be useful to some people. So some things I talk about are from a few months ago, if that even makes any sense!;)**

Helloooo guys :)

So, its the first week back to school/college this week and exams are creeping ever closer (*sadface*). As you guys know I am now in my first year of A levels so did my GCSE's last year. I wouldn't say that exams are my favourite thing (not sure many people would haha;)) so I have thought up my top tips when it comes to unstressful revision.  :)

  • Plan  
The first thing I did when it came to revise for GCSE's and I will be sure to do this year was to create a timetable for myself. Eventhough this is a very boring task in itself, I found it to be incredibly useful as it meant that I knew exactly how much revision I needed to do. It greatly minimised stress for me as it meant I could clearly see when I had done enough revision, so I could go out and do something I enjoy knowing that I had revision sussed ;) To make my lovely time table I used, so go and check it out to create a timetable as cool as mine...;) 

  • A place
This I found is one of the most important things. For me, it depended on what I was revising as to where I would revise it. I really struggled with English and Geography so for those I would revise in my room where no one could disturb me and it was very quiet. However, for things I found okay, I used find putting a movie on that I'd seen a billion times for some quiet background noise would help stop revision getting too boring. (Don't know if that tip will work for everyone but it definately worked for me haha;))

  • Organisation
If there's one thing I would change about my GCSE's it would be when I started revising. Start revising as early as you can, this will drastically minimise the stress close to the exams. Also, personally I think that one of the worst feelings is going into an exam knowing that you panic revised the night before and can't really remember anything you tried to revise.

So there are a few of my top revision tips. I am not a revision expert (if thats a thing;)) I just speak from past experience. If this helps even just one person then I will be so amamzingly happy. Thankyou for reading and I would love to hear your comments. And a massive Good luck in your exams.

Bye for now!

TAG xx


  1. This post is so helpful! I will have to consider all these tips whilst revising. Brilliant Post - Ellie Xx

  2. Thankyou! I'm glad it has helped :)
    TAG xx