Friday, 1 May 2015


Hey Guys!

Today I'm going to Blog about something which can relate to everyone and It's something which I think is really important. So, I was scrolling on Twitter the other day and saw this quote...

Seeing this really made me think. We all meet loads of people on a day to day basis, from people at school or work to people just walking down the street. I loved this quote because I think it really shows the power a smile can have, aswell as the power of simple politeness. Whether it's from smiling to someone you pass in the street, to thanking someone for helping you in a shop, it really does make a difference.
I'm not sure why this made me think so much to be honest... I think it was because it really is so simple yet so powerful, your one smile and act of kindness can really make someones day.
I'm going to set myself a challenge, to pass on a smile at least once each day..:)

Thanks for reading and let me know about your small acts of kindness, I'd love to hear about them!:)

Bye for now!
TAG xx

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